How to Win the 2020 Safeway Monopoly Game (Shop, Play, Win!)

Here I am going to tell you each and everything about Safeway Monopoly 2020, which you should know before playing this game. It includes various ways to enter, 10 secret tips to increase your chances of winning, chances to win various prizes, rare pieces to hit a big jackpot, and more. I will try my best to cover everything related to the Safeway Monopoly Game in this post.

Safeway Monopoly Game

Safeway Monopoly Game 2020 – Play at

These Monopoly tickets can help you win cash prizes, movie tickets, cars, vacation trips and lots of prizes like house, gift cards, spas, cash prizes, discount offers and coupons and more than $ 250 million.

How to Play the Safeway Monopoly

You can play this game online as well as offline. Here some steps to know how to play the Safeway Monopoly.

Safeway Monopoly Game

Safeway, Albertsons, Acme, Carrs, Pavillion, Tom Thumb, Pak ‘n Save, Eagle, Amigos, Jewel-Osco, Randalls, United Supermarkets, Shaw’s/Star Market, Lucky (Only for Southern California), Super Saver situated in the USA. Are the participating store here you can get ticket to enter in Safeway Monopoly Board Game.

Step 1:- Get your “Shop Play Win Game Board” from any participating grocery store.

Step 2: Next, you need a Safeway / Jewel monopoly game ticket. You can get a monopoly ticket on every purchase of products from any eligible store. Inside the game ticket, there are four “game markers” see below.

  • A special discount offer
  • Shop, Play, Win! online code
  • Instant win prizes like a grocery gift card, cash or free product coupon
  • or two free Game Tickets

Step 3:- Remove the markers and find the matching code on the board. Then wet the glue on the back and affix them to the prize area on the board. Do not use glue or tape. When you get enough markers for the prize, you have to turn it on to redeem them.

Step 4:- Play online, If you have Shop, Play, Win! Application, you can simply scan the QR code on the back to keep track of your game markers.

Download Safeway Monopoly Game App

Safeway Monopoly 2020 Secret Tips

Few tricks that are personally tried and tested by me during the last edition of Albertsons Monopoly and rest are tested by my friends. Before I proceed, let me tell you one thing again that these tips do not guarantee that you win anything from the Safeway Vons Monopoly 2020.

  • Be friendly, well behaved and behave properly with the cashier at the payment counter.
  • If the person standing ahead you refuse to take tickets while making payment at counter, then you can ask him/her politely to give those monopoly tickets to you with a simple smile.
  • You can say to you relative to purchase daily use items to get more and more tickets.
  • Make sure always use same store that will make good attraction with the store keeper.
  • Please check Safeway Monopoly Terms & Conditions before doing Monopoly Game Pieces trading.

Safeway Monopoly Prizes 2020 – Rewards

Board Game

Prize Detail(s):No. of Prize(s):
$1 Million Cash2
$250,000 Vacation Home3
$40,000 Vehicle20
$100,000 Cash or Boat10
$10,000 Cash60
$5,000 Groceries50
$25,000 Home Theater30
$1,000 Grocery Gift Card250
$250 Grocery Gift Card1000
$100 Grocery Gift Card2500
$500 Portable Grill & Groceries750
$50 Grocery Gift Card5000
$20 Grocery Gift Card20000
$5 Cash1,000,000

Total No. of prizes: 1,029,675
Total ARV of all prizes: $12,925,000

Online Game

Prize Detail(s):No. of Prize(s):
$100,000 Cash / Boat2
$75,000 Corvette3
$5,000 Free Vacation20
$25,000 Cash8
$500 Grocery Gift Card200
$250 Grocery Gift Card400
$100 Grocery Gift Card1,000
$50 Grocery Gift Card5,000
$1,000 Cash50
$10 Just For U Cash20,000
$5 Just For U Rewards40,000
$25 Fandango Promotional Coupon Code5000
Starbucks Tall Drip 12 oz. Coffee750,000
Free Product2,150,00
$33.90 Shutterfly10 Free Cards45,000
One Free Game of Bowling through GoBowling.com1,000,000

Total No. of prizes: 4,016,683
Total ARV of all prizes: $11,944,500

Safeway Monopoly Rare Pieces 2020

If you are playing Safeway Monopoly 2020 and searching for Safeway Monopoly Rare Piece 2020 on the internet, don’t worry because I am providing here the complete list of Rare Safeway Monopoly Piece 2020 which gives you more than $ 250 million dollars Let’s help win the prize.

What are the Safeway Monopoly 2020 Rare Pieces?

These are rare pieces of Safeway / Van Monopoly games that you will get from Safeway Shop Play Win 2020 game tickets. It is quite difficult to identify which are the rare game pieces and which are the common pieces of the Safeway Monopoly game board. Thus, to help you, I have created this list of Safeway Monopoly Game Rare Pieces.

I will update this List of Rare Safeway Monopoly Game Pieces whenever I get any new information regarding Safe Way Shop Play Win Rare Pieces.

Prize(s)Rare PiecesCommon Pieces
$1 Million Dollar CashA601A, A606FA601A, A602B, A603C, A604D, A605E, A606F, A607G
$250K Vacation HomeB611D, B614GB608A, B609B, B610C, B611D, B612E, B613F, B614G
$100,000 Cash or BoatM656A, M659DM656A, M657B, M658C, M659D, M660E, M661F
$40,000 VehicleJ643B, J646EJ642A, J643B, J644C, J645D, J646E, J647F
$25,000 Home TheaterF631C, F630DF633A, F632B, F631C, F630D, F629E, F628F
$10,000 CashC618B, C615EC619A, C618B, C617C, C616D, C615E
$5,000 GroceryP667DP670A, P669B, P668C, P667D
$1,000 Grocery Gift CardN663CN665A, N664B, N663C, N662D
$500 Portable Grill & GroceriesL653BL652A, L653B, L654C, L655D
$250 Grocery Gift CardK649bK648A, K649B, K650C, K651D
$100 Grocery Gift CardH641AH641A, H640B, H639C, H638D
$50 Grocery Gift CardG635cG637A, G636B, G635C, G634D
$20 Grocery Gift CardE625CE627A, E626B, E625C, E624D
$5 CashD623AD623A, D622B, D621C, D620D

Is Safeway Monopoly Genuine?

The answer is “YES”. It’s fully genuine and lots of people in the USA have won prizes from Safeway game

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